Real Estate Law

Why You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you own or rent your home, business,or other property there is a lot of potential for running into a snag or two. There may be a dispute over a sales contract or the terms of a lease. You may be facing foreclosure for reasons that were beyond your control.

There also may be trouble with the construction of a building, issues with zoning, questions about the terms of a closing, or issues that can arise when you are selling your home or business. Everyone involved wants to get the most out of the transaction, but that can mean that owners, tenants, lenders, and contractors can wind up at cross purposes. Working with quality Iowa Real Estate lawyers can help get everything straightened out.

Experienced Lawyers, Clear Perspective

Handley Law Firm in Ankeny, Iowa has handled a wide variety of real estate cases in the Des Moines area. This family run firm carries with it forty years of experience in a variety of legal disciplines and is ready to hear your side of the story and help you decide your best source of action with your particular case.

All three attorneys at Handley Law Firm; Larry J. Handley, Heather N. Handley-Cherry, and Chelsey N. Handley have strong Iowa ties and are committed to bringing the utmost care to each case.

Because people’s homes and livelihoods are at stake, emotions often run high during real estate related legal proceedings. The Iowa Real Estate lawyers at Handley Law Firm know how to use that emotion to benefit a case, without letting it get out of hand.

If you’re facing a real estate conflict, its best to be clear about what you’re dealing with before things become too complex, and if you’re getting ready to buy or sell property in the Des Moines area, it’s important to make sure no important details aren’t overlooked. Contact Handley Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.